Commercial Water Treatment & Softeners

Water plays an important role in the day-to-day running of many commercial organisations.

Some businesses require a reliable source of quality water as an integral part of their production processes, whilst other service organisations rely on water as an important part of their customer offering.
No matter your sector, Kinetico has the ideal water treatment solution!

Kinetico CC 206c
Non-Electric Commercial Water Softener

For commercial applications with space restrictions, Kinetico’s compact commercial systems offer high flow rates in a compact floor space. These units feature Kinetico’s non-electric control valve, which provides counter-current regeneration in a dual tank design. Special cabinet designs are also available which further increase the value and convenience of these systems.

Kinetico MACH 2030s
Non-Electric Commercial Water Softener

The Kinetico Mach Series will provide high flow rates throughout your business or home and save you money on regenerant and water use. These savings are guaranteed thanks to the certifications and ability of the softeners to surpass even the toughest of efficiency standards. There’s nothing quite like knowing that your water, and your water treatment system, is of the best quality.

Kinetico CP 213s OD
Non-Electric Commercial Water Softener

The Kinetico CP 231s OD water softener offers flexibility in set-up and operation. It is able to operate in either an overdrive configuration (with both tanks in service simultaneously), for maximum flow, or in an alternating configuration (one tank is in service at a time), for maximum efficiency.

After setting the flow configuration and meter volume, these units work automatically to provide continuous high quality soft water for high flow applications.