Protect Your Family

Soft water running through your home can have many benefits for your whole family. Apart from the obvious time you’ll save cleaning, you’ll discover many additional advantages:

Luxurious bathing – Soft water makes bathing a much more pleasurable experience. Bubbles foam beautifully in soft water so you can lie back and relax, and when you get out just see how silky soft your skin feels – you’ll certainly notice the difference.


Soft, fluffy towels – If your towels feel brittle and scratchy, that’s the detergent left in them. When you wash your laundry in hard water, because it doesn’t lather as much, you’ll need to use 75% more which is not rinsed out properly and held in your clothes and towels. Wash with soft water using far less detergent so they’ll stay beautifully soft and fluffy, just like the day they were bought.


Crystal-clear tea – Put your feet up and enjoy a clear, clean cup of tea with all the taste and without the unsightly scum. If you can see limescale in your kettle, that’s exactly what’s going in your tea.

Pouring tea into cup of tea