Protect Your Wallet

We’re always looking for ways to save money around the home – Did you know that the type of water you have in your home could be costing you more money than you think? Hard water affects more than 13 million households throughout the UK and could be responsible for you having less money in your pocket every month.

Save on water heating bills

Heating your home can be expensive, especially in the colder winter months and if you have a large household. You are probably unaware but a heating system clogged up with limescale means its costing you more money every month. If you’ve had hard water running through your system your pipes and heat exchanger in the boiler may be heavily scaled-up causing your system to be far less efficient and can result in your boiler breaking down. Dishwashers and washing machines also use up more energy if having to work against limescale, all adding unnecessary cost.

You can save up to 12% on your water heating bills by installing a water softener

Save on your shopping bill

If you shopping trolley if full of cleaning products and detergents think of what you could save by installing a water softener. Having soft water in your home means you can say goodbye to a cupboard of cleaning products and spray-on limescale removers and you’ll also use up to 75% less detergent as they foam more effectively in soft water. There are money savings too in your bathing and beauty routine – you’ll use far less shampoo and conditioner and because your skin will naturally feel silky smooth after bathing you’ll use far less moisturiser too. A water softener can protect your home and your wallet.

You can save up to £34 per month on your shopping bill